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The Journey of SandyAlex


Our Name

SandyAlex is a sexy way to say "I've got you" whenever you use the toilet.  It's an attractive alternative to,  "I know you need some back up right now".  And the use of it is kindness & courtesy.  So be warned SandyAlex will create harmony in your space.

The Genesis - SANDYALEX

That little child in me that didn't want to smell out a toilet.  That Woman who would rather hold on then use a friend's facilities.  That Guy who is feeling like a Gent and wants to take it easy on all those who come after him.  That person who was raised good and proper and holds true to the value of courtesy.   These are but 4 of the crowds that bore the seed for SandyAlex.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to spare as many as we can from being ashamed of doing what's only Natural.

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