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  • How many Uses per Bottle?
    This all Depends on how many Sprays you use Per session, but if you follow the Instructions on the Label you can get up to 100 uses.
  • Will this Stain My Clothes or Bag?
    Great New's. No, it Won't as each Bottle is Made with 100% Natural Ingredients any Accidents that may Occur can be Solved with One Good Wash.
  • How Many Milliliters Per Bottle
    There is 60mls Per Bottle. That's up to 100 uses!!!
  • Does it Work if Urine is Involved?
    Naturally if any type of Liquid was to Dilute the Spray then it would lose its effect. But not to worry as the effects of Urine are Minimal.
  • Does SandyAlex Spray First Toilet Perfume Actually Work?
    Great News! Yes it Does.
  • What are the Ingredients?
    The SandyAlex Spray First Toilet Perfume is Made up of a Blend of Essential Oils.
  • Can I use it as an Air Freshener?
    Of Course!
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